Management Reporter
(or FRx) With Excel

using ActivReporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP

ActivReporter is an Excel-based financial reporting tool that gives insight into your Dynamics GP data. Create financial reports in native Excel with complete drilldown to the underlying detail and drillback to Dynamics GP. It is a “budget friendly” replacement for Management Reporter or FRx.

Comparative Analysis of Reporting Tools

Download our whitepaper to see a full analysis of the feature differences between ActivReporter and Management Reporter.

Excel-Based Financial Reporting & Data Analysis

Quickly create all financial statements in Microsoft Excel. ActivReporter allows you to drill down into any financial amount, and then drill back to Dynamics GP and the source document.

Activ Trial Balance

Enhance daily activity by being able to see your financial data like never before. The Activ Trial Balance is a real-time view into all your financial numbers with drilldown and drillback capabilities.

Superfast SmartList-Like Data Visualization

ActivReporter displays data onscreen in SmartList-like format. Create filters to view important financial data. Then view that data quickly and in real-time. ActivReporter will render to the screen 50,000+ detail records/sec.


Review the health of the ActivReporter system through the dashboard. The dashboard is “Activ” and all items are hot-keys to the detail items.


In addition to the financial statements in Excel, ActivReporter allows you to print various reports directly from the ActivReporter database. The Trial Balance Comparison report delineates any differences in ActivReporter and Dynamics GP systems. The General Ledger Detail report will depict any set of chart of accounts and the detail postings to these accounts.

Link to External Spreadsheets

ActivReporter Excel workbooks can link to external data with ease. Here is an example of linking a workbook to a budget workbook. Any change in the budget workbook will register in the ActivReporter workbook.

Pivot Tables

You can incorporate ActivReporter financial functions into any workbook. Then, use these numbers as you create associated pivot tables.

Additional Features

  1. ActivReporter is very fast!
  2. Store Excel financial designs in database with full security protection and recall of all previous versions
  3. Define calendars (reporting periods) in addition to the Dynamics GP fiscal calendar
  4. Multiple budgets in single year on any financial design
  5. Full security model with user authentication by Active Directory
  6. No “report generation” phase in ActivReporter. Immediate gratification!
  7. Multicurrency support
  8. Power BI support (OData feed)
  9. Ad hoc spreadsheet reporting
  10. More than 50 Excel functions to extract financial data, descriptions and company information from the Dynamics GP database
  11. Missing/duplicate chart of accounts analysis
  12. Output finished reports to protected Excel workbooks, pdf files, or hard copy print
  13. Reporting trees

"Our company needed a reporting tool to replace Management Reporter. After spending weeks with another vendor and having no viewable reports, we turned to nQativ. Using ActivReporter we were able to recreate our entire reporting package within a few days."

David A.

Uncle Julio's

"How no one's talking about ActivReporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP is beyond me. #BestReportingToolEver"

Mariano Gomez Bent


"I came across ActivReporter last October at Summit. I was so impressed with the product that as soon as I got back, I started calling my clients. My clients who watched the demo decided to go with ActivReporter as an alternative to Management Reporter before the demo was complete. ActivReporter has cut the reporting time from days to hours."


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Frequently Asked Questions

An ActivReporter License Unit costs $70 per month with a one-time initial setup fee of $1,000. One License Unit can be used for up to 10 Dynamics GP databases with unlimited users, and includes installation assistance and 4 hours of online training. For more than 10 company databases, additional License Units must be purchased. For more information about ActivReporter License Units, click here.

ActivReporter will work with any hosted environment that is based on terminal services (or Citrix). For performance reasons, we do not support a browser-based installation.

Yes. ActivReporter does not rely on the BBF entries generated at year-end closing. Thus, you can create financial designs that are accurate whether or not the prior year has been closed.

Yes. The ActivReporter “automation engine” (AAS) can be programmed to send any report to any person at any time. This does require scripting of the system and is not a native “out of the box” feature. You can also set up scheduled reports by using the Task Scheduler in coordination with AAS scripts. nQativ or your Dynamics GP partner can assist in setting this up.

Good question, because you have NEVER seen anything like it in any other accounting solution. You have to experience it to believe! An Activ Trial Balance is an on-screen trial balance that shows any financial amount in real time (no refresh needed). It is also superfast. You can also drilldown and drillback from these numbers just like from the Excel based financial designs!

Absolutely! There is a BOT (part of the ActivReporter Automation system) that will extract Management Reporter row definitions and create ActivReporter rollups. nQativ or your Dynamics GP partner can assist.

Absolutely. nQativ can be contracted to supply these design resources. Your Dynamics GP partner can also assist.

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